Women In Trucking

Most people associate the term truck driver with men, but more and more women are finding this is an enjoyable career choice for them. Some of them are team drivers with another woman or their spouse. Others enjoy being out on the open road with their pets or by themselves.

Due to the increase of women truck drivers, many truck stops have had to make changes to what they offer. They now have shower rooms equipped with items for women. They also offer many amenities that females will need while they stop at a truck stop including feminine products, perfume, hairspray, and other accessories.

You may find some people out there who ridicule women truck drivers as they think it is a joke. Yet most of these women are very competent behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler and they know all about how to keep their truck in good working condition. Some trucking companies are hesitant to hire women even though they can’t come right out and say this due to discrimination laws. They worry about the safety of the women while out there on the road. They also worry about the harassment they may encounter by their male employees.


There is a non-profit organization known as Women in Trucking that works hard to advocate for women’s rights in this profession that is dominated by men. They work hard to acknowledge the accomplishments of women in the trucking industry and to help them overcome any barriers to employment. Over the last five years, they have worked hard to help women find more jobs in the trucking industry and have been very successful.

Women in Trucking have also released a documentary on DVD called Alligator on the Zipper. This film documents true stories about seven female truck drivers and their experiences. It is believed offering such educational information will help women be more accepted in the field of truck driving.

Today there are almost 200,000 women truck drivers in the United States, so they make up approximately 5% of the total truck driver workforce. While many women still feel intimidated in this profession, they are finding hard work and dedication to safety and delivering loads on time is earning them the respect of companies all over the Nation.

If you are a woman interested in driving a semi-truck, take the time to find out what your options are. If you are a United States citizen, at least 21 years of age, and you have a good driving record then you may be eligible to obtain a CDL. You will need to find a quality truck driving training program so you can successfully pass the written and oral examinations.

There are plenty of excellent truck driving jobs out there, so you will need to look hard for them. You will also want to join support groups including Women in Trucking. They can help you with any questions or concerns you may have while entering the trucking industry. They can also assist you if you feel your civil rights have been violated due to the fact that you are a female pursuing a career in truck driving.

While it is harder for a woman truck driver to be accepted for many positions, don’t give up. There are some trucking companies such as Mary Kay Cosmetics that prefer women drivers. Think of the thrill of being the driving force behind a pink semi!

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